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How does it work?

Document Archiver allows you to process and store your company's documents quickly and accurately. It improves the efficiency of both data entry and data retrieval by automating filing tasks and using accelerated search functions that retrieve the file you're looking for as quickly as possible.

Once you scan your physical documents using any existing scanner they are placed in watch folders, retrieved and processed based on route and document content, and are then converted into the appropriate format such as PDF, JPG, or TIFF. The documents are run through an advanced OCR (optical character recognition) process making its contents keyword searchable. Once the OCR is complete the files are renamed based on content, barcode data, or predefined rules. Finally, the files are automatically placed in their respective folder locations. Additional features allow you to add headers and footers to your documents for better continuity and clarity.

Once documents have been imported into the system you may use the Document Manager features to find, delete, move, upload, view, email and distribute your documents. The Document Manager interface may be accessed from anywhere using any device and is simple and intuitive to use. Almost no training is required.

User accounts can be easily controlled by an administrator. By restricting user permissions you can grant limited access to Sources, Workflow, and Settings.

Documents can be shared with outside contacts using a specially made URL (uniform resource locator) link. This link can be created for one time use (recipient can only download it once) or persistent (recipients may download as many times as needed). Emails sent from within the system use encrypted SSL security, thus eliminating the risks associated with sending insecure email across the Internet.

Benefits of Document Archiver

  • Increases efficiency and productivity
  • Lowers the cost of operations
  • Makes your documents more secure
  • Improves business continuity
  • Saves time by automating business processes
  • Better consistency and accuracy
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“Automating my filing system has made it easier to handle. I've also worked with this company since their inception; I trust them to keep my legal files secure.”

Michael J. Lightfoot, Attorney at Law & Founder, Internet Law Services

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