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How to Setup WebDAV for Document Archiver

Date: 3/7/2018 Catagory : How-To

WebDAV enables users to access their Document Archiver file system from within a file browser on your local machine.


Step 1.) Login to Consortium Software at


Step 2.) Select Document Archiver from the list of applications on the Consortium Software dashboard.


Step 3.) Navigate to the settings area in the upper left hand corner of the screen.


Step 4.) Then choose "User Settings".


Step 5.) From the "Select User" dropdown select the user you will be setting up the WebDAV connection for on this machine.

Then check the checkbox next to WebDAV enabled.

Next Create a "WebDAV Password"

When finished click on Submit.


Step 6.) Copy the URL next to the WebDAV Address.


Step 7.) open a browser window on your computer, and navigate to "This PC" or "My Computer" in older versions of windows.


Step 8.) In the top toolbar select "Computer" to expand options. Select "Map network drive".


Step 9.) In the Folder field paste the URL you previously copied from Document Archiver. Check the box next to connect using different credentials.


Step 10.) Enter your login credentials used for Document Archiver including your user name and the password you created in step 5, If you would choose to not need to enter a password each time WebDav re-connects then select "Remember my Credentials".

Thats it WebDAV is now setup on your machine and you can enjoy the benefits of accessing your Document Archiver system from directly within a file browser. Navigate to "This PC" or "My Computer" to access the WebDAV drive for Document Archiver.


Trouble Shooting

After step 9 if the login dialog box does not appear we will need to enable "Webclient" within your computers services.


To access services click the windows start button in the lower right hand corner and type "services.msc"


Next in the list of services find the service called "webclient". with the webclient service selected press "start" on the left sidebar.


After the service has started right click on web services and select "Properties".


From the startup type dropdown select "automatic". Push "Apply" followed by the "OK" button. you can now close the services window and reattempt your connection to Document Archiver.


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